• Bonsai Techniques
  • The Yose & Korabuki Bonsai Styles

    Group or Forest Bonsai Style

    We’ve already discussed the basic Bonsai styles as well as the more challenging techniques associated with the advanced Bonsai techniques. However, there are still many more superb variations to try. These variations that talented Bonsai artists implement allows this amazing hobby to constantly adapt and grow. Group or Forest Bonsai Style – Commonly Called Yose […]

  • Bonsai Tree Care
  • Juniper Bonsai Tree Care

    If you are stuck in deciding what type of Bonsai tree to grow, then you could do a lot worse that choosing a Juniper. These beautiful trees are considered excellent selections for people beginning Bonsai through to Bonsai enthusiasts alike. Together with the varieties of Pine, a Juniper Bonsai tree will tolerate a vast variety […]

  • Bonsai Tree Care
  • Bonsai Tree Care

    We’ve already discussed the need to plant your Bonsai tree outside, especially during the early stages but what else should you be aware of when caring for your Bonsai Tree? At the moment your Bonsai tree is unlikely to be very attractive and is more likely to resemble a twig in a pot rather than […]